Friday, November 8, 2013

diary: legs around taiwan

New Taipei - Sunmoon Lake - Taichong - Tainan - Kaohsiung - Kenting - Hualien - Taipei

During my 2 months in Taiwan, we got one week off work and traveled around the whole island. One week to see the many beauties of Taiwan is really not enough, we were able to only scratch the surface. Next time I want to do the same, but with more time and maybe some locals to guide us.
This is a diary of our trip, I shot every day (sometimes a few photos/day) of what I saw when I had time to sit down for a while; trying to document small trivial moments.
I also shot a series of "food I ate", since food local dishes are very important in Taiwan and we live in a time of food instagrammed in millions.... I'll put it up later~

 Also this is post nr 100!!! *u*