Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I love the light in Helena's apartment! I've told her that before too and I'm saying it again : D (i hope I'm not creeping someone out) The light from outside comes from one big window and reflects with different colors depending on the time of the day. Inside it bounces of the white walls and tadaaa~

We went to Helena's place to watch the Eurovision song contest,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Karis the only place where a deer-head in a nightclub is completely normal

Wish me good luuckk!
I'm off to the entrance exams in Lahti~ Let's see if I survive through the 4 days, or even the first day...?!
-Photos completely irrelevant : D

Saturday, May 19, 2012

off with their heads!

vappu vol II

 for some reason when others take pictures with my "snapshot camera", they always crop off half of people's heads
the light in helena's apartment is so beautiful~

 my girls!
the man with the fountain-ear


gotta love the enormous amount of stuff that I've brought back with me home from Karjaa..! I have no idea of where to stuff it all as my room already is "overstocked"! ;A;
Anni suggested that I'd not unpack, just lay on my stuff instead.
This what I answered with:

(on the picture I'm "unpacking" only 1/3 of the stuff, the rest is on it's way)

dust and hairs

hey it's been a while!
I haven't been posting for various reasons, hadn't developed my film from vappu, too much to do during the last 2 weeks of school (like a 3-day-trip to Germany), moving out from the dorm, preparing for entrance-exams etc etc *insert more excuses here*

anyways I don't think I'll ever be someone who posts like one post a day. I'm more like one who forgets to blog for a week then throws out 4 posts in one evening. :' D

below are some snapshots from Vappu, aka first of May. Shot with my mom's first camera; it's over 30 years old but looks like one of those chick hipstercameras that are all over the place..  and it's red!


thanks girls for the awesome day/night! <3
also our school's scanners are very very dusty.. so I'm sorry about that

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

confessions of a teenage amnesiac

I made eyebrows to my dog. I feel so mean.

fuzzy fuzzy cute cute

I can't even-
no seriously, don't mind me. :' D

I want a pink wig!

photos from berlin~ I'll post photos from yesterday when I've developed and scanned my film!

things i should be doing:
-sit outside and enjoy the sun
-work on my final project
-read something educating
-write something smart to my final project
-take the dog for a looong walk

what i am doing:
-taking stupid hangover pictures with photobooth
-editing the shit outta those photos
-watching weird videos on youtube
-reading all the blogs i can find
-tumblr, facebook & skype
-making breakfast at 5 p.m.

on another note, I had a really great vappu! I spent time with some really wonderful people~ also I don't know if I'll be in finland next year at this time.   Thanks guys! <3