Saturday, May 19, 2012

dust and hairs

hey it's been a while!
I haven't been posting for various reasons, hadn't developed my film from vappu, too much to do during the last 2 weeks of school (like a 3-day-trip to Germany), moving out from the dorm, preparing for entrance-exams etc etc *insert more excuses here*

anyways I don't think I'll ever be someone who posts like one post a day. I'm more like one who forgets to blog for a week then throws out 4 posts in one evening. :' D

below are some snapshots from Vappu, aka first of May. Shot with my mom's first camera; it's over 30 years old but looks like one of those chick hipstercameras that are all over the place..  and it's red!


thanks girls for the awesome day/night! <3
also our school's scanners are very very dusty.. so I'm sorry about that

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