Tuesday, April 24, 2012

final exhibition!

Everybody grab your stuff and get your asses down to Karjaa on the 3rd of May! Because we have our final exhibition on gallery zebra~

We're all mad here.

I think I'm slowly going mad for sitting too much on the computer choosing photos...

Monday, April 23, 2012

two wrongs makes a right? (ft. the retard kids)

Me and Sanna merring around in the studio sometime in January, when I asked her to model for my photos for our group-exhibition in Serendipity.
Right now I'm working on my final project, and the deadline is in one and a half week..! so um no stress? Well I am stressed ; D

For my final project I'm putting together a scrapbookish collection of photos of my friends that I've taken this year; it's part of a longer project that I'm doing, I want to take pictures of my friends in Finland before I move to England. It's a way to create & save good memories and also have fun and slowly get to know myself as a photographer since I don't really plan these occasions, and they all takeplace in the same enviroment, only things changeing are the seasons, my models and my visual inspiration at that given moment.
The hardest part will be to reflect and write something about this project..

But if you happen to be in Karjaa 3rd of May, come to Galleri Zebra on our exhibition-opening!

Friday, April 20, 2012

i am dreamer

diafilm in berlin aquarium

snapshots from berlin

Sandra is happy with her snapshotcamera

 no-one remembers what happened here... :' D

 the man on the very sharp picture had his bachelorparty (and we had to find him)

 found him

 ulrika ft. makeup

  me and vilma at madam claude

anna-mi has a very fine moustache

sometimes we even had time to sleep (not really)

Some snapshots from berlin that I shot with my old compact minolta (my first camera!!) ;)

p.s. there might be more spams since scanning negs is so slow and boring..

p.p.s i love dia

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ich bin ein berliner..?

I'm back home nao! Ich bin ein berliner no more.. So expect a Berlin-spam later~
I'll write more about our week there some other day, now I have to do my project about a photographer which is due tomorrow >_<' 5 hours of sleep yay

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


photos from airports on my trip to london, just to hype the fact that we are leaving for berlin tomorrow!
it's gonna be an aaaawesome week!! : D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Had today an awesome extempore photoshoot with Tuuli in a half-way-demolished house close to my house. I saw it yesterday and thought damn I have to get in there and take some pictures!! Luckily the weather was nice too today, even though it was cold..

Later in the evening I took a tripod and went back to the house to take some selfportraits, and I even found a cellar, damn it was a fine cellar..!

I really should start packing for Berlin, but here's a sneak-peak from today's photoshoot;

model, as already stated, Tuuli

Friday, April 6, 2012

Shot some diafilm on monday when I went to Turku. The light was so beautiful at Lotta's place~!

It's been quite a slow and boring longfriday in Hanko for me. My computer is so slow that it's impossible to do anything smart e.g. edit photos..

Thursday, April 5, 2012


there should be a limit to how late one can stay alone at school developing photos..
I stayed til 23:30 and had to rush out in a hurry because the alarm would have gone off if I'd stayed any longer. My wednesday evenings are so cool [read: photo-nerdy].

It's been a few months since the last time I printed black and white photos so I was a bit nervous that I'd forgotten it all.. But i got some pretty funky stuff done :D I threw all kinds of powder on my photos, anything I'd get my hands on from sugar to HCA-powder.. and my pictures turned out quite dreamy and different; quite kide ;)


 Model: Anni

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

give me some hipstertime

anni in helsinki sometime in january
god I seriously hate scanning negs... dust and noise everywhere!
But I still love these photos in a hipsterish way : D and the fact I haven't seen these photos on my camerascreen before. I just wish that our colormachine will be back soon so that I can start developing these photos instead of scanning them~~

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Gud att man kan äta såhär mycket..! Men de va nog värt det. Sandra lagade alldeles underbar tacopaj (eller tre stycken!) och jag och miisu åt helt för mycket. Ulrika o andra sidan åt säkert över en paj ensam men blev int alls lika mätt som jag o miisu.. Tungviktare, som sandra sa ;D

Denhär tiden om en vecka så e vi ren i Berlin! Lite resefeber börjar man ju kanske ha då man försöker räkna hur många filmrullar man ska komma i håg o packa med från skolan imoron.. ;: D kamerorna sku o kunna va en bra idé att ta me.

Lite mycket bloggar jag ju kanske.. men försöker göra upp för allt som jag senare inte kommer att minnas/orka skriva : D


Sandra made tacopies tonight and I ate way too much! I feel still a bit sick ;P But luckily I could rest in Miisu's kisilåda [read: bed].

Also at this time in a week we are in Berlin! it's gonna be so much fun ;D I wonder how many filmrolls I should take with me...

 Photos randomly from Tallin last summer :)

I'm blue da ba de

Today has been quite crazy, I'm faar to tired for this, I've been laughing and complaining all day..
We had the last day of the cyanotype-workshop and I did a few prints. It was fun! Some of them looks like shit, they are all blurry and too dark, but once in a while I managed to make a decent print too~

First print I made, a photo of Lotta that I took in our studio at school
 Used the same neg, but this time printed on canvas, looks quite different, doesn't it?

Another of my favourites, a photo of my cousin Lina, she's just too cute!! :) That birdcage is the shadow of my necklace, I exposed this to sunlight instead of the usual uv-lamp.

I stayed over at Lotta in turku last night, and even though we tried to go early to sleep we stayed up too late talking again. : D
I had my camera with me to my course and we took some photos with the girls while "learning" how to do a good makeup, I didn't really learn anything new tho.. (but thanks to the 5 kg makeup i put on my face my eyes are all red and runny today! >..<'') let's see when I get the film developed, it's my first dia-film! yay! before I've only crossprocessed, but now when our color-developing-machine-thing-that-we-use-for-color-film-prints is broken I thought I'd just scan the film later, so dia it is!

p.s. i hate scanning...! (and that's what I'm doin now, scanning photos from London)

p.p.s. I really don't handle this to-write-in-a-logical-order-thing

Monday, April 2, 2012

monday means turkuday

My mondays are crazy.. especially today.
First in the morning I took the train to helsinki to give in my entrance-portfolio-stuff to taik, after that I took the train to karjaa and stayed at school for a few hours (this week we are doing cyanotypes) and now I'm on the train to turku! Luckily I'll be staying over at Lotta's place so I don't have to take the last train back to Karjaa tonight ;)

Even though I'm supposed to be living in karjaa at the moment all this traveling back and forth to helsinki and turku is slowly sucking all energy out of me. But soon it's over~~!

Here's a photo I took of Lotta when she came to karjaa a few weeks ago. She's such a good model! :D but knowing her she probably hates all the photos of her, I can almost hear her go "ush, men ja ser sååå skrämmande ut!!"

Kiittämättömyys on maailman palkka

I don't usually start shuffling my bags and get up in a hurry if a granny gets on the bus/train to give her my seat, since someone usually beats me to it (and then it kind of gets awkward when everyone just stands there). But today in the ratikka, there came on an old granny who looked like she was gonna fall over any second, so i got quickly up (with my 3 bags) and offered her my seat. Well as you might guess she got mad at me and started to rant that no-one would have to get up because of her, that she was okay and so on. In the end i just apoligized for trying to be polite and went to stand in the back of the ratikka.

Also i'm really late for scool since i went to TaiK with my entrance-assignments, and i reallly need coffee!