Sunday, April 1, 2012

First entry


so... I honestly don't know what to write... : D

Welcome to my new blog! I'll probably be mostly writing in English, since it's more of an universal language, but sometimes there might be updates in Finnish or Swedish too~
This will work like a diary/mind-map for myself and others to read, containing photos by me and also stuff that inspires, interests and motivates me.

At the moment I'm studying photography in VNF so I'll be mostly blogging about stuff I'm doing at school and so. I'll try to add lots of photos too, since I'm bad at writing ;P
After the summer I'm moving to Rochester, England to attend UCA and study more photography. But then again, the future isn't set in stone ;)

I'm seriously bad at writing, so have some pictures instead~

selfportraits in Perho

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