Monday, April 2, 2012

monday means turkuday

My mondays are crazy.. especially today.
First in the morning I took the train to helsinki to give in my entrance-portfolio-stuff to taik, after that I took the train to karjaa and stayed at school for a few hours (this week we are doing cyanotypes) and now I'm on the train to turku! Luckily I'll be staying over at Lotta's place so I don't have to take the last train back to Karjaa tonight ;)

Even though I'm supposed to be living in karjaa at the moment all this traveling back and forth to helsinki and turku is slowly sucking all energy out of me. But soon it's over~~!

Here's a photo I took of Lotta when she came to karjaa a few weeks ago. She's such a good model! :D but knowing her she probably hates all the photos of her, I can almost hear her go "ush, men ja ser sååå skrämmande ut!!"

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