Monday, April 23, 2012

two wrongs makes a right? (ft. the retard kids)

Me and Sanna merring around in the studio sometime in January, when I asked her to model for my photos for our group-exhibition in Serendipity.
Right now I'm working on my final project, and the deadline is in one and a half week..! so um no stress? Well I am stressed ; D

For my final project I'm putting together a scrapbookish collection of photos of my friends that I've taken this year; it's part of a longer project that I'm doing, I want to take pictures of my friends in Finland before I move to England. It's a way to create & save good memories and also have fun and slowly get to know myself as a photographer since I don't really plan these occasions, and they all takeplace in the same enviroment, only things changeing are the seasons, my models and my visual inspiration at that given moment.
The hardest part will be to reflect and write something about this project..

But if you happen to be in Karjaa 3rd of May, come to Galleri Zebra on our exhibition-opening!

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