Monday, April 2, 2012

Kiittämättömyys on maailman palkka

I don't usually start shuffling my bags and get up in a hurry if a granny gets on the bus/train to give her my seat, since someone usually beats me to it (and then it kind of gets awkward when everyone just stands there). But today in the ratikka, there came on an old granny who looked like she was gonna fall over any second, so i got quickly up (with my 3 bags) and offered her my seat. Well as you might guess she got mad at me and started to rant that no-one would have to get up because of her, that she was okay and so on. In the end i just apoligized for trying to be polite and went to stand in the back of the ratikka.

Also i'm really late for scool since i went to TaiK with my entrance-assignments, and i reallly need coffee!

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