Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm blue da ba de

Today has been quite crazy, I'm faar to tired for this, I've been laughing and complaining all day..
We had the last day of the cyanotype-workshop and I did a few prints. It was fun! Some of them looks like shit, they are all blurry and too dark, but once in a while I managed to make a decent print too~

First print I made, a photo of Lotta that I took in our studio at school
 Used the same neg, but this time printed on canvas, looks quite different, doesn't it?

Another of my favourites, a photo of my cousin Lina, she's just too cute!! :) That birdcage is the shadow of my necklace, I exposed this to sunlight instead of the usual uv-lamp.

I stayed over at Lotta in turku last night, and even though we tried to go early to sleep we stayed up too late talking again. : D
I had my camera with me to my course and we took some photos with the girls while "learning" how to do a good makeup, I didn't really learn anything new tho.. (but thanks to the 5 kg makeup i put on my face my eyes are all red and runny today! >..<'') let's see when I get the film developed, it's my first dia-film! yay! before I've only crossprocessed, but now when our color-developing-machine-thing-that-we-use-for-color-film-prints is broken I thought I'd just scan the film later, so dia it is!

p.s. i hate scanning...! (and that's what I'm doin now, scanning photos from London)

p.p.s. I really don't handle this to-write-in-a-logical-order-thing

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  1. Domhää e hlt superfina! hu kan ja ha missa ja ha följt din blogg så aktivt;)