Thursday, June 20, 2013


Arkistointilogiikka kryptattu
ei minkäänlaista järjestystä (ks. kuvien arkistointi)

That feeling when you realise that you've probably lost one of your memory cards full of pictures.. I hope it'll turn up somewhere though.......
I've been really busy with work the whole month, I've been lucky to both work "office-hours" as a graphic designer for a company and I've had lots of photo-gigs too! I still have tons of stuff to do before leaving for Taiwan...... (I'll put up and official post as soon as I've booked my flights, but I'm leaving in about 2 weeks, yikes!) Also I'm trying to study some survival Mandarin before leaving. So far I can say 我不是美国人 (I'm not american) and 你的狗病了 (your dog is sick).


  1. Fanny I love your pictures!!! U look like Hollywood star btw :P

    1. Thank you~~~! hahaha i wish :D
      who is this btw? :P